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  • By Luna Deli


Some songs belong to the daylight, some fit best at night.
Songs may be wishful, or happy, or sad.
Songs can get you ready for the day, or welcome you back home.
Songs can set your mood for smiling, or pinch your heart.
Or make you stop and think.
Sometimes, songs blend together;
sometimes they keep their unique color, mood and shape.
Life is made of so many diverse circumstances, and ever-changing feelings
you cannot reflect all in a single song, nor in an album.
Listening to these songs is like gazing into a Kaleidoscope, and each turn tells a new story, carries a new tune.

Luna Deli, vocals
Luca Scarpa, piano, keyboards
Matteo Negrin, guitars
Paolo Costa, bass
Saverio Miele, acoustic bass
Lele Melotti, drums
Diego Borotti, flute, soprano sax, tenor sax
Luca Begonia, trumpet, trombone, fluegelhorn
Carlo Miori, electronics
Jason Lindner, electric piano in “In The Morning Light”
Cristiano Tiozzo, farfisa in “Laughter”
Daniel Freedman, percussion in “In The Morning Light”

Music & Lyrics by Chiara Curtoni
Arrangements and Orchestrations by Tommaso Vittorini
Recorded and mixed by Carlo Miori at Only Music Studio, Italy
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Studios, New York, NY

Cover Photo by Film2productions, New York, NY
Art Design by Land Comunicazione, Italy