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05 She Waits

  • By Luna Deli

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She waits and she kisses her son,
Unwrapping all her thoughts like old candies.
It sits in the back of her mind a bit of sorrow for the words he lost somewhere.

Children can be tough, it’s never enough the love you give
They hold tight their fantasy, sure of what you are or you should be

She waits for the years to reveal
The colour and the price of decisions
How every single mistake is part of something greater than the pain itself.

Patiently we stitch desires and hopes before they fall
Like old buttons on a coat that we share with those we cherish most

So over and over again
she tries to do her best, but this life’s so fast
It seems we are all sitting on
a train towards a future in a place unknown

But we might save an embrace…
She waits, and she kisses her son.