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04 Maybe

  • By Luna Deli

In the morning light 411x205

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Maybe you noticed a new day always rises eager to stay
Come what may come, clouds or rain
‘Till the sun will fade

Baby we don’t know the future, someone’s stolen the crystal ball
But we do have lungs and air
For running anywhere

So I’m thinking
nevermind how many splinters,
or the melancholy winters still to come
We will find out
new mistakes we haven’t tried yet
but if I had a million I’d bet we won’t desert our love


Maybe you noticed a new day
Opens up to show us a way
Let it pour down
Let it shine, baby we’ll be fine


And I’m bringing
all the craziness we need for
believing that two hearts with no door can be safe
A full size life
with the talent for the flavor,
the hazard and the misbehaviour
of a burning love